Pokémon Card Game Classic

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Condition: New
Minor damage to the paper sleeve case is not eligible for exchange or refund. (Tears or large dents will be subject to replacement or refund.)
Since the cardboard is for transportation purposes, any damage to the cardboard or whether the packaging has been opened will not be eligible for refunds or exchanges.

・ Deck (60 cards) … 3 sets
* Due to the nature of construction decks, multiple of the same cards are included.
・ Play mat integrated case ... 1 piece
・ Flip deck case ... 3 pieces
・ Deck shield (64 pieces) … 3 sets
・ Tool box ... 1 piece
・Damage counters…64 (10 damage counters…36, 50 damage counters…18, 100 damage counters…10)
・Poison/burn markers…2 each
・ Silver ball ... 2 pieces
*Cannot be used in official tournaments.



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