【PRE-ORDER】Touken Ranbu ONLINE Fabric Long Wallet Yagen Toshiro Okanehira Yamanbagiri Sanchomo

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-Yagen Toshiro Model-

-Okanehira Model-

-Yamanbagiri Chogi Model-

-Sanchomo Model-

Product Description


Outer fabric (Yagen Toshiro = cotton, cupro / Ohkanehira = cotton / Yamanbagiri Chogi = polyester, rayon, wool / Sanchomo = polyester), cowhide, synthetic leather, rayon, zinc alloy, etc. Charm = 24-karat gold finish on beri copper , various natural stones (Yagen Toshiro = Amethyst / Okanehira = Carnelian (red agate) / Yamanbagiri Chogi = Labradorite / Sanchomo = White Chalcedony)

Size: Height 9.5 x Width 19 x Thickness 2.5cm, Charm = Total length 8.2cm

There may be a difference in appearance between the real thing and the picture depending on the amount of light.
I cannot accept returns due to reasons such as the size does not fit.

Yagen Toshiro: Scheduled to be shipped in late June
Yamanbagiri Chogi: Scheduled to be shipped in late June
Sanchomo: Scheduled to be shipped in late June
Okanehira: Scheduled to be shipped in late March

Shipping may be delayed due to manufacturer reasons.
If your address changes, please let us know before shipping.
Since this is a pre-order, cancellation after purchase is not possible.