Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Toon World Light

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Product Description


Approx. Height 16.5 x Width 11.6 x Depth 3.5cm (closed)

Cardboard, Tyvek paper, magnet, LED light

There may be a difference in appearance between the real thing and the picture depending on the amount of light.
The light can be turned on and off each time it is opened or closed. It lights up in 3 patterns: "white", "warm", and "slow blinking of white and warm".
The LED inside lights up when you open the book, and turns off when you close it.
Lighting time is approximately 4 hours.
It can be charged with the included USB charging cable (Type-C).
Usage time: Approximately 3-5 hours
Charging time: about 2-3 hours

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