Touken Ranbu ONLINE Long Wallet

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-Mikazuki Munechika model-

-Tonbokiri model-

-Okurikara model-

-Taikogane Sadamune model-


Product Description


Material: Outer fabric (Mikazuki Munechika/Okurakara/Taikogane Sadamune = 100% polyester / Tonbokiri = polyester, rayon, wool), cowhide, synthetic leather, rayon, zinc alloy
Charm: Beryl copper with 24-karat gold finish, various natural stones (Mikazuki Munechika = lapis lazuli / Tonbokiri = quartzite / Okurikara = red jasper / Taikogane Sadamune = magnesite)
Size: Length 9.5 x Width 19 x Thickness 2.5cm, Charm = Length 8.2cm
There may be a difference in appearance between the real thing and the picture depending on the amount of light.