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【PRE-ORDER】TRIGUN Vash the Stampede Sunglasses

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Product Description


42□22-142 *Unit is mm

[Frame material]
nickel alloy

[set content]
Frame, original case, original glasses wipe

[Lens] The item will be delivered with a yellow color UV cut lens with a UV transmittance of 0.1% or less.

[Lens specifications used]
Visible light transmittance 85%
Ultraviolet transmittance 0.1% or less
Blue light cut rate (JIS standard) 69.8%

We cannot accept returns due to reasons such as the size does not fit.
Shipping will be after Early December 2023.
Shipping may be delayed due to manufacturer reasons.
If your address changes, please let us know before shipping.
Since this is a pre-order, cancellation after purchase is not possible.